Mason jar chandelier 3 tier industrial cast iron gears This Industrial mason jar chandelier is an incredible piece of work. It is built with vintage cast iron gears and wheels such as old coffee grinder wheels, antique elevator pulleys and the like. I take each cast iron piece and clean them with a wire brush grinder and then put a clear coat on them to keep the piece looking its best for a long time. The antique mason jars are held in place by the antique zinc lids that I drill and bolt into place through the cast iron. Each tier of this chandelier is spaced equally at about 8″ and held in place with steel rods. The top tier has 8 lights, the second has 4 lights and the bottom is a single light. It does look great without jars and especially with Edison style bulbs which are not included but I can supply them to you for $6 a bulb. The ones that are in this picture are radio style Edison bulbs and are 30 watts as I advise not to go above 40 watts in a small enclosed glass jar. Each lid has air holes to allow heat to escape. This fixture is about 18″ at top tier, 10″ in middle tier and bottom tier is the 4″ lid. Total length is aprox 30″ high. I install thin steel cable supports that look sleek and each are rated for around 50lbs. This fixture isn’t up to 50 pounds but I’m a stickler for safety. They should mount into a solid surface such as a joist. If you don’t want cables then I can build it to mount onto a ceiling junction box if it is a fan box rated for fixture support of 75 pounds or above such as a ceiling fan rated box. I am not responsible for installation error but rest assured my work IS done safely. Returns are NOT accepted on this item. Many hours are spent on each chandelier making sure its made just right. Each wheel and gear used is picked by myself to ensure dimensions are right and the final result makes me sad to see it leave my shop. I’ll look forward to my next chandelier. I’ve built and sold many of these and EVERYONE just loves them. Make one your own today! The sizes of these vary due to a fluctuation of available vintage materials but are made very close to each other in size and appearance unless requested otherwise. These also can be made to a double or single tier if desired and I will adjust the price with you on the design change. I can make changes to design as per request. Any questions please feel free to ask. Since this is a made to order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. You’ll know it’s made just for you. If you would like to purchase the Edison bulbs to go with this amazing light, see link below: