• NEW! Historic Ornate Collection

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Flush / Semi-flush





Made in USA. World-wide appeal.

Inspired and hand-pieced in Lititz, Pennsylvania. A small town with a rich tradition of community minded artisans who believe in hard work, integrity, and quality.

We are proud to have satisfied clients including cooking schools in Rome, cottages in the Swiss Alps, homes, restaurants, cafés, and establishments all over the world.


Light is art. Light is ambiance.

At the heart of Olde Brick Lighting is a desire to see others find joy in their spaces and use quality, handcrafted lighting to create the perfect ambiance.


This is absolutely stunning. I love everything about it. Even more beautiful in person and such high quality!

- Christa | Linden Semi-Flush Stem Fixture

Gorgeous craftsmanship. The hand blown appearance of the glass is alluring.

Chad | Ryttenberg 12" Semi-Flush Stem Fixture

The craftsmanship of this light is impeccable. It is the jewel in our new kitchen. We absolutely love it.

Laurissa | Lorraine Down-Rod Pendant