Our Story

At the heart of Olde Brick Lighting is a desire to see others find joy and potential in their spaces and use quality, handcrafted lighting to create the perfect ambiance.


Our Story

Olde Brick Lighting was founded in 2011 by William (Bill) Eichorst, an electrician by trade, who spent decades rewiring historic buildings in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Also an artist at heart, he was continually inspired and fascinated by the beauty and character of the architecture.

Imagine you are in an upscale boutique in a downtown historic district, and you are working on lighting (true story). The store itself is beautiful, artfully staged with a large suspended wooden canopy frame that gives the appearance of a floating roof. Stepping into the back room, behind the "employees only" sign, you notice a big change in atmosphere. Seeing past the inventory boxes, you notice you are in a once-bustling bank of long ago. The ceiling is a few stories high, with a massive skylight still intact, letting natural light stream in. The walls are all plaster on brick with gorgeous plaster trim frames surrounding huge artwork once painted on the walls. The plaster is crumbling and flaking at places on the walls, but the beauty remains. There are rooms with solid thick mahogany doors and frosted glass panes with the past office inhabitants’ names still visible. Then you have the lighting in those rooms! The original fixtures to the building are hanging with metal shades and mirrored bottoms.

Capturing that nostalgia and character into custom, handcrafted light fixtures quickly became a creative outlet. Eventually, it evolved from a successful hobby into a full-time passion for using lighting and ambiance to illuminate the potential and joy in other’s spaces.

Today, you can often find Bill combing through antique glass blowing molds to bring a vintage piece back to life. Hand piecing the elements and finishes for your custom, quality fixture. Or helping a client imagine their space through the lens of lighting and ambiance. 

In the shop, the makers at Olde Brick Lighting take pride in hand piecing, finishing, and carefully packaging each fixture to send to homes and establishments all over the world.

Our Process

Putting a signature spin on iconic elements of vintage American design, we preserve nostalgia and character with thoughtful, practical design. 

Our exclusive glass shades are meticulously hand-selected from a collection of antique cast-iron molds over a century old. Each shade is individually handblown right here on the east coast of the United States by a craftsman using time-honored techniques.

Our metal shades are custom coated and constructed to exact specifications. Combining a dedication to detail, quality materials, and a made-to-order approach, our fixtures provide a tailored finish that transform your space.

Our Commitment

We are passionate about enduring design that will inspire the next generation to build on what we leave behind. We value craftsmanship and the patience and pride forged with getting every detail right.

With every selection of materials, every step of the production, every interaction, is an intentional choice to go above and beyond. We strive to create the quality and durability we would want in our own homes.