NEW! Ornate Historic Sconces

If the proverbial fly on the wall were a light, it would undoubtedly be a sconce. A silent guardian bathed in the golden hues of whispered confidences and passionate confrontations. Imagine the tales and secrets it has witnessed, nestled quietly on the textured walls of a Victorian study, where the rustle of parchment and the scratch of quill were underscored by the hushed tones of important conversations. Or perched along the opulent walls of a grand ballroom, its light casting a glow on the twirling gowns and clandestine glances of society's elite.

Our Ornate Historic Sconces are inspired by the Victorian era. A period of industrial progress and rich eclecticism gave birth to design that was as varied as it was intricate, where every detail was crafted with care and artistry. It whispers tales of the Neo-classical influence — a reverence for the symmetry and proportion of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. It speaks to us of the Neo-baroque's flair for the dramatic, where every scroll and curve was a bold statement of beauty and power.

For those who dare to let history touch their modernity, this sconce stands ready, not as an artifact, but as a living piece of art, lighting up your space's focal points and igniting the imagination.


What was the inspiration for this new light design?

BILL: The inspiration came from a client who, last year, observed historic photographs of an old school building adorned with unique wall sconces on its exterior. They expressed a desire to replicate these sconces and approached us for the project, which we eagerly undertook. The design was so well-received in our workshop that we decided to include it in our expanding Historic line.

Do you have any pictures of your inspiration for this light?

BILL: Yes, we have an old photograph that closely resembles our Buchanan model.


In what ways are you excited to see this design used?

BILL: We often receive requests for lighting suited for outdoor settings. Although these lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, they represent an addition to our growing outdoor lighting collection.

How would you describe this lighting style or design to a customer?

BILL: Crafted from high-grade cast brass components and hand-blown glass, these lights feature Victorian accents, blending seamlessly across various design genres. Their versatility makes them easily integrable into many decorative styles.

What is your favorite part about this design?

BILL: The feel. It might sound odd, but if you held this in your hands you'd say this sucker will last forever.

Were there any challenges to implement/materialize the design?

BILL: Yes and no. As with all our designs, it starts with a thought. We build a generic version at first and then as a team we nitpick at all the details and slowly change them one by one until we get the 'wow' moment. So it takes some time to do but its the process we like. Sometimes they sit for a while until we get all the details perfected.