Outdoor Lighting 101: A Guide to Enhancing Your Home with Historic Inspired Sconces

As the longer days and balmy nights beckon us outdoors, our backyards, balconies, and patios become our sanctuaries. Understanding the importance of creating a welcoming ambiance, we're here to offer some insight into crafting an outdoor space that not only looks beautiful but functions seamlessly.

Understanding Damp-Rated vs. Wet-Rated Fixtures

One of our most frequently asked questions is — can I install my fixture outside?

And the short answer is that it depends on which light and where you are installing it. To understand a bit more about what you need for your space, it helps to know the difference between damp-rated and wet-rated light fixtures.

  • Damp-Rated Fixtures, such as our Penn Outdoor Gooseneck and Ornate Historic Sconces, are perfect for locations shielded from direct weather, like covered porches or patios. They embody the blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, suitable for creating an ambient exterior.
  • Wet-Rated Fixtures are built to withstand direct exposure to the elements, such as rain and snow and would be ideal for open outdoor spaces.

For specifics, the fixture ratings can be found on the "Product Details" tab on each product page. We strongly recommend consulting an electrician ensures your outdoor setup is both safe and suits your needs. 

Installing Outdoor Wall Sconces

We recommend installation of outdoor wall sconces at eye level, typically between 66”-72” from the ground. Ensure a minimum of 6” between the fixture and any door frames to cast ample light for essential activities. Opting for fixtures with a higher light output, or pairing your sconces with brighter bulbs, can enhance the overall ambiance of your entryway.

Embrace Your Style

Your outdoor space is a canvas for your personal style, an extension of your living space, and a showcase for your hospitality. Within our collection of outdoor lighting, from cast brass sconce fixtures to hand-spun metal cone shades, you can find exterior wall lighting to fit your exterior aesthetic.

Shop Outdoor Lighting with Confidence

Whether you're drawn to the historic elegance of ornate, cast brass outdoor sconces or the contrast of clean, polished handspun metal against organic texture, Olde Brick Lighting offers a range of options to bring your vision to life. We invite you to explore our selection and find the perfect lighting to complement your home's exterior.