Historic Ornate Collection


 Our Historic Ornate collection draws its inspiration from the bygone Victorian era. A time of remarkable innovation and rich artistic expression gave rise to designs as intricate as they were varied, with every element crafted with unparalleled precision and care. They echo the grandeur of Neo-classical architecture, celebrating the symmetry and proportion that defined the ancient Greek and Roman aesthetic. They also embrace the exuberant spirit of the Neo-baroque, where every curve and flourish tells a story of luxury and dramatic elegance. 


Historic Ornate Chandeliers

The chandelier features a classic design inspired by the Victorian era, showcasing six handblown glass globes evenly distributed around a central stem. Each globe is supported by elegantly curved, ornate brass arms that radiate from the center. The chandelier is suspended from a brass chain, which adds to its antique aesthetic. The brass components are richly detailed, with intricate patterns and flourishes that echo grandeur and emphasizes symmetry and proportion.

Historic Ornate Stem Fixtures

The semi-flush mount fixture showcases a timeless design inspired by the Victorian era. It features an intricately detailed brass canopy and stem, supporting a hand-blown glass shade. The shade is decorated with ornate patterns and textures, including fluted and embossed elements, which add to its historical charm. The brass components exhibit fine craftsmanship, with detailed embellishments combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.


How would you describe this lighting style or design to a customer?

BILL: Crafted from high-grade cast brass components and hand-blown glass, these lights feature Victorian accents, blending seamlessly across various design genres. Their versatility makes them easily integrable into many decorative styles.

What is your favorite part about this design?

BILL: The feel. It might sound odd, but if you held this in your hands you'd say this sucker will last forever.

Were there any challenges to implement/materialize the design?

BILL: Yes and no. As with all our designs, it starts with a thought. We build a generic version at first and then as a team we nitpick at all the details and slowly change them one by one until we get the 'wow' moment. So it takes some time to do but its the process we like. Sometimes they sit for a while until we get all the details perfected.